The Absolute Weasel: Why Manchester United Fans are Furious Over Gary Neville: In this trumping moment in Old Trafford, furious Manchester United fans went along to grand. The Club Legend Gary Neville, a Traitor. This came along when the Old Trafford icon Gary Nevile defended the Glazer family.

When quizzed on the Americans’ controversial ownership of the club. He gave the response “What is the alternative” in several occasions, the executive co-chairman. Avram and Glazer, who took over the club in 2005, have been blasted by supporters. The cries of dissent grow louder and louder, especially when United are languishing in the 7th position in the EPL table.

According to Gary Neville, nobody will bully them into selling the club before they are ready to sell the club. There are rumors that Manchester United are in talks into selling the club, to the Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman. Neville was quoted telling The Times, “I know the Glazer family, we met them probably five times in my life. But whatever Gary Neville says they are not going to do anything.”

Trust me they’re going to sell when they want to sell. They’re hardened business people who lived through a campaign of green. And gold for two years where the fans were essentially battering them, effigies everywhere and they didn’t budge one inch.

The Absolute Weasel: Why Manchester United Fans are Furious Over Gary Neville

“I took money off the Glazer family from 2004 to 2011 as a player, so the idea that I leave the club and [am] no longer paid by them and start whingeing would compromise me, ‘Oh you were OK when you were taking money off them as a player, and never said anything as a player’.

Manchester United fans went ahead and took their woes on twitter. As seen in one of the tweets to Neville’s comments, it read, “Friendly reminder, @GNev2 is a traitor and doesn’t deserve the respect of any united fan in the world. End of story. #GlazersOut.”


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