Importance of Artificial Intelligence: One of the first pioneers of Artificial Intelligence on Smartphones were the Huawei Company. This technology was first on Huawei Mate 10. This saw a tremendous increase in the computational capacity of the phone. Since then, its application is popping out on various smartphones. Company’s such as Samsung and Apple follow suit. They are incorporating new generation Exynos and Bionic processors with this technology. In short, AI technology is the turning point in the smartphone industry.

The Difference between Smartphones with and Without artificial intelligence technology.

The main difference between the two is how performance and responding time are being managed. Artificial intelligence technology in smartphones recognises images, voices and languages. In addition to that, they also processing of data. This provides the first point on the importance of artificial intelligence on a Smartphone.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence on Smartphones.
Importance of Artificial Intelligence on Smartphones.

Smartphones with AI technology can make decisions on their own. The phones can also optimise performance on their own by use of a set of algorithms. For instance, on iPhone XS, AI algorithms are essential in powering Face ID Facial recognition.

Increase in the performance speeds to 300% more.

Artificial intelligence on smartphone is set to open up new door. In the innovation of application, sand improves the existing apps. For instance, apps that use artificial intelligence technology is the voice translator apps. This includes app such as Microsoft translator.

AI is the future of technology across the world. This technology isn’t transforming smartphones. But also businesses set to undergo digitisation. Most companies are promoting their competitiveness through Artificial Intelligence technology. There are so many inventions that we are ought to expect come this decade.